Hop-in-John; Mother Used to Make; Big Apple-Big Easy

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Sun Dec 16 18:27:10 UTC 2001

HOP-IN-JOHN (for HOPPING JOHN)--I was going through the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING index I have here and found January-June 1909: "Hop-in-John...247."  My guess is that you serve "Hop-in-John" last.

MOTHER USED TO MAKE--OED's first (revised "M" entry?) is P. G. Wodehouse from 1919.  I'd posted some "mother used to make" (for "home cooking") here before.  The GOOD HOUSEKEEPING index, March 1896:  "Howard's Hash: the Kind That Mother Used to Make," in "The Bachelor and the Chafing Dish," page 112.

BIG APPLE-BIG EASY--According to a story in the 12-12-01 New Orleans TIMES-PICAYUNE, Big Apple-to-Big Easy ads will start to appear in Times Square in about a week, to promote New York-New Orleans tourism.  I sent an e-mail to the T-P and told them about my ten-year campaign to honor the African-American who came up with "the Big Apple," but no one listens.

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