Barney Gallant mystery book (1941)

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Mon Dec 17 05:21:02 UTC 2001

   From CUE, 14 June 1941, pg. 25, col. 1:

_MILKMAN'S MEMOIRS:_  Barney Gallant, who has been a Manhattan restaurateur, principally in the Village, for 25 years, has just completed a book _My Past Pursues Me_ which he wrote in the cold gray dawn after his University Place bistro closed for the morning.  A series of excerpts therefrom, entitled _The Vanishing Village_, begins in the July _Cosmopolitan_.

   Where is this book?
   I had looked through the "restaurateur" subject heading, and I've read every single book that I could get my hands on.  But this one is new to me.
   I checked the NYPL.  No listing.  I checked NYU/N-Y Historical Society.  No listing.  I checked OCLC WorldCat.  No listing.  I checked and  No listing.
   No listing under Barney Gallant.  No listing under MY PAST PURSUES ME.  Various other authors for THE VANISHING VILLAGE.
   I'll check out the July 1941 COSMOPOLITAN magazine for the excerpts.
   Barney Gallant was a Greenwich Village restaurateur for 25 years.  The book came out in 1941.  If I'm really lucky, it'll have a word or two on gay=homosexual.
   But where is the book?


   Andy Soltis's chess problem in today's SUNDAY NEW YORK POST (, from Yermolinsky-Tate, Reno 2001 (maybe it's on the internet), is a beauty.
   It's a classic opening trap, and the answer is...


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