A resident of Provo?

Tue Dec 18 19:04:01 UTC 2001

How about "RM"?
Fritz Juengling

>>> David Bowie <db.list at PMPKN.NET> 12/18/01 09:06AM >>>
I figure that *somebody* on this list may know this one.

I am in need of the one-word term for a resident of Provo (the town in Utah
where Brigham Young University is located). Since i work in Provo, i figured
i could just informally ask some natives of Provo what they call themselves,
but i've gotten conflicting answers from them. So far i've gotten
(approximately in order of descending frequency): Provoan, Provoite,
Provonian, Provan, Provoer. About half the respondents have given Provoan,
but some of the others have explicitly and spontaneously told me that
whatever it is, it's *not* Provoan.

I've looked in a few places where i'd expect to find answers to this sort of
thing, and i've come up blank.

(I don't even *want* to try to know what residents of Skull Valley, Utah are
called! :-] )

Is this just a situation where i get to roll my own?

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