Musician Slang (WInchell, 1933)

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   From Walter Winchell´s column in the HAVANA EVENING TELEGRAM.

11 November 1933, pg. 2, col. 2:
   _Add Slanguage._
   Howard Snyder offers a few definitions in musician's slang, to wit:
   McGee means behind the times or small time...A lick is a solo interlude...Tin ear means no ear for melody or rhythm...A clinker is a sour note...Play it mean--means make it hot or very good...Ride is to "go to town"...Jam is to play it hotter than that...Get off means "start to ride"...Stock means common arrangements; nothing special...Horn is a trumpet or saxophone.  An outsider who refers to a trumpet as a coronet will always draw a sneer.  Likewise, a violin is always a fiddle!

(See this in the old archives, it it's not destroyed.  1933 is a good date for "jam" and "lick" and the like--ed.)

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