Baseball Slang (Winchell, 1933)

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   From Walter Winchell´s column in the HAVANA EVENING TELEGRAM.

11 April 1933, pg. 2, col. 2:
   _Baseball Slang._
   A la carte--Playing the ball wirth one hand...Alibi Ike--Player who makes excuses for poor fielding or batting...Apple Orchard--Ballpark...Ash heap--A rough infield...Automatic Strike--The pitch when the count is three and nothing...Barber--A player who talks too much...Can of corn--High lazy fly...Collisions--College players...County fair--One who shows off--A grandstand player...Cousin--A pitcher who is easy to hit.

3 May 1933, pg. 2, col. 2:
   _Add Baseball Slang._
   "He's Dick Smith"--means a player who keeps to himself or one who never picks up the check..."Fancy Dan"--one who poses and puts on airs..."Duster"--a bean ball aimed at the head to keep the player from the plate..."Fishing Trip"--taking a swing at a bad ball..."Guesser" is an umpire..."He chokes in the clutch"--a player who isn't so good in a pinch..."He took a drink"--he struck out..."Hitchy-Koo--players given to fidgeting in the batter's box--nervous..."Holiday" is a double-header..."Jockey" is a player who teases or rides the other team.."Lamb" is a newcomer or a youngster..."Powerhouse"--a distance hitter..."Two O'Clock Hitter"--one who hits line drives in batting practice but pop flies in a game..."Uncle Charlie's got him"--he can't hit a curve...and "Rabbit Ears" is a player who hears everything said about him.

(Gerald Cohen can check this with Dickson's BASEBALL DICTIONARY--ed.)

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