FW: Count usage for "software"

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Jul 1 17:24:19 UTC 2001

Has the countable use of software or code (where it is used as
programming code) become acceptable or even occasional in the US?

Benjamin Barrett
Tukwila, WA
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From: chandler at yomogi.or.jp [mailto:chandler at yomogi.or.jp]

I frequently encounter (on the HTML help list, or photography list
example) usages such as "a software", not to mention "a code" and so
which strike me as, well, wrong, in that I never heard them in the
I was involved with programming and so on. I have here a document
which I'm translating some paste-in amendments; here's a sample

  Help for Each Software

  To learn in details the usage of a software, please read its Help.

To me this is horribly wrong, but involves "changing" to a different
word, like 'program'. But I'd welcome opinions - such as that the
countable usages are becoming acceptable; or that despite there
almost as many "a software"s as "wierd"s on the web, informed usage
as I would expect.

Brian Chandler

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