Icelandic recipes

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Mon Jul 2 08:29:47 UTC 2001

selected by Elin Kristjandottir
Mal Og Menning, Reykjavik
1973, 1993, 1998

Pg. 14: Gravlax
Pg. 28: Gudrin's herring salad
Pg. 31: Cod in the oven
Pg. 33: Faxabay plaice
Pg. 36: Fish under a "skyr" roof
Pg. 37: Fish in a summer mood (THERE'S A SUMMER?--ed.)
Pg. 39: Salt cod with swedes (rutabagas) and suet drippings
Pg. 47: The bachelor's leg of lamb slices
Pg. 55: Reindeer in Iceland
Pg. 58: Ptarmigan
Pg. 68: Halfmoons
Pg. 69: Jewish cookies
Pg. 73: Doa's homebaked bread

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