"cheese hound" -- query

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Jul 6 12:15:34 UTC 2001

>In my speech (laid down in Louisville KY in the 1940's) , a "cheese
>hound" refers both literally to the fact that the dog likes cheese
>and will hunt all over a room to find even a tidbit of it and to the
>fact that this in-the-house training makes the dog useless ("cheesy")
>for field sports.

This is interesting, and something which was previously unknown to this
city boy.

Without knowing any broad context, I think the dog's designation as
"Siberian cheese hound" (as if it were a standard breed, by analogy with
"Siberian husky", "Irish wolfhound", "Italian greyhound", etc.) is most
compatible with a purely whimsical usage, with or without an intentional
reminiscence of "cheese hound" in the above sense or of "keeshond"
(etymologically unrelated AFAIK).

"Cheese-eater" = "rat"/"stoolpigeon" or so is familiar and not necessarily
ethnically restricted AFAIK. There is also "cheese-eating" as a metaphor
for "constipated". Offhand, I don't see any reason to think these are
apposite here.

-- Doug Wilson

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