Greenland bubble gum (whale meat)

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   Greetings from Sisimiut.  Sorry for the delay--the hotel I was staying at was on the internet all day, and there's no internet from my ship...The woman at the hotel knew only three Greenlandic words for "ice."

GREENLAND BUBBLE GUM--whale meat.  This was announced at the seafood buffet at the hotel by the chef.

SOFT ICE--soft ice cream.  The "cream" is not listed.

KNORR BURRITOS, KNORR TACO'S--Knorr gets possessive about tacos.

by Isobel Wylie Hutchison
William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh

Pg. 31:  Kamiker are sealskin top-boots, reaching to the knee for (Pg. 32--ed.) men, and well over it for the picturesque national costume of the women.  (OED for kamiker or kamik?--ed.)

Pg. 36:  The "umiak," or skin-boat, was formerly the Greenlander's only means of transporting his family from place to place...

Pg. 103:  ...icebergs "calving"...

Pg. 146:  Matak is the skin of the small white whale (kilaluak).  This outer skin has a pure milky appearance with a sort of fat jelly below, and tastes excellently when fried with bread crumbs or eaten with curry sauce.

Pg. 169:  Matak (the skin of the white whale done up into a cold jellied shape tasting like sweetbread).

(A quick online OED check shows no entry for "matak" or mattak."  That's why they pay me the big bucks--ed.)

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