Tea & Pee; Icelandic Air; Mudpots & Mudsprings; Skali

A. Maberry maberry at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Jul 10 12:51:46 UTC 2001

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Jonathon Green wrote:
> The phrase, as far as I know, is not part of general UK slang/colloq.,
> although it obviously suits this particular tour guide and does indeed have
> a certain pleasant assonance - not to mention relevance to the varieties of
> 'relief' on on offer.

I barely recall an ad campaign in the (early?) 1970s either promoting tea
in general or a specific brand. Anyway the slogan was "Drink tea and see."
(i.e. see how good it is). This naturally gave rise to "Drink tea and pee"
but I don't recall having heard it since or in any other context.

maberry at u.washington.edu

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