Tea & Pee

Mark A. Mandel Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Wed Jul 11 21:50:03 UTC 2001

Allen writes:

I barely recall an ad campaign in the (early?) 1970s either promoting tea
in general or a specific brand. Anyway the slogan was "Drink tea and see."
(i.e. see how good it is). This naturally gave rise to "Drink tea and pee"
but I don't recall having heard it since or in any other context.

I remember it as "Take [not 'drink'] tea and see". I don't remember the
brand (I love it when that happens, especially with hot new ads), but it
was almost certainly Tetley or another mass brand.

(I also remember parodying it as "Take TNT... and see!")

<time out>

Salada! After several multi-thousand-hit attempts with Google, AltaVista,
and AltaVista Advanced Search, AltaVista Search Assistant for "take tea and
see" as [Exact phrase] brought up just 26 hits. At the top of the list was
"Stan Freberg Discography by Warren Debenham" at
http://www.cyberonic.net/~atrain/comedy/freberg.htm . The great comedian?
Yes: under the section "Commercial singles" is the following listing:

Salada Tea. Capitol Custom NMB-2343, -2344. 33 1/3 RPM. Cardboard jacket.
          (a) "Woburn!" (Massachusetts) An original 5 1/2 minute musical tragedy.
          (b) Six commercials.
               "Take Tea and See."
               "Take Tea and Wait."
               "Well Worth the Dangling."
               "World's Slowest Tea Bag."
               "A. F. of G. Protest Meeting" (American Federation of Gypsies)."
               "Gypsies in the Parking Lot."

And there we have it. "Take tea and see" was a slogan of Salada Tea.

Now we just have to locate "tea and pee". It's somebody else's turn.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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