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: Ketchup on scrambled eggs wasn't unheard of where I grew
: up (northeastern Massachusetts), either.  Actually, a
: friend of mine has mentioned that a friend of hers in the
: Dominican Republic, of all places, had her scrambled eggs
: with ketchup. I'll bet it's a pretty widespread practice--
: and an understandable one, too, considering the
: insipidness of plain eggs and the incompatibility of most
: other traditional American condiments (mustard, relish,
: mayo, thousand island dressing) with them.

: By the way, I have several friends who season their hot
: dogs with ketchup.  They're quite respectable people, too!

FTR: I'm from Southern Maryland, and grew up with ketchup (*never* catsup!)
on scrambled eggs, hot dogs, *and* mashed potatoes.

Liked it on all of 'em at one point in my childhood, but i've lost my sweet
tooth as i've grown older, to the point where i don't even generally put
ketchup on french fries any more.

To make this vaguely topical, in one of my graduate seminars at Penn we
discussed how likely a question about ketchup and its uses on foods would be
in eliciting a "soapbox style" of speech. We decided it'd be pretty useful
when the seminar nearly immediately devolved into an argument over the
merits or lack of merit of ketchup. (The discussion on this list is simply
reinforcing the conclusion...)

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