mullets in the news

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Jul 16 02:40:19 UTC 2001

 From today's Boston Globe; the speaker is Rod Beck, a Boston Red Sox
relief pitcher, commenting on the team's raucous reception in
Montreal, especially for Rich Garces, his 255+ pound colleague:
     ''People everywhere love us,'' reliever Rod Beck said, ''but
people really love Garces. The guy's got his own shirts and everybody
wants to wear them. Maybe I should put out a mullet hat - you know, a
regular hat with fake long hair attached to the back of it - and sell
it as a Rod Beck hat. Maybe that'll make me popular.
     ''I always hear people yelling to me, 'Nice mullet, Beck.' I
didn't even know what it was. I had to go on the Internet and look it
up. I guess it's my kind of haircut: short on the side and long in
the back. It's supposed to be an insult, but I don't mind it. You
wouldn't believe the stuff we hear people say.''

Nice to see ballplayers react the same way we do when they hear an
unfamiliar lexical item.

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