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We regularly offer extensive commentary on language norms and
standards in recognized journals, some of them, like our own American
Speech, for example, not exclusively directed to academic audiences.
If authors like Halpern would avail themselves of the current
literature in the field they pretend to represent, we might not carp,
although I thought I was catfishing, but since I'm half-hillbilly and
half-Hungarian, I might have been doing a little bit of both.


>I am endlessly struck by how petty and puerile academicians can be. If
>Messrs. McGraw, McKeough, and Preston have insightful or intelligent remarks
>to make in response to Mark Halpern's "The End of Linguistics" (The Vocabula
>Review -- Vol. 3, No. 7), I suggest they offer them rather than their silly,
>though humorless, carping.
>Robert Hartwell Fiske
>The Vocabula Review
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