Badda bing badda boom

Gregory {Greg} Downing gd2 at NYU.EDU
Wed Jul 18 15:01:38 UTC 2001

At 10:50 AM 7/18/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm trying to find some info on the history of the phrase "badda bing badda
>boom," particularly its first appearance in the language. If anyone can
>provide info or a pointer or two, I'd be grateful.

I read somewhere recently that it was first brought to wide attention in a
Godfather movie. Maybe someone can say if that is accurate or not. That is
not to say that this was its first appearance, but I suspect that the moment
of popular dissemination is much more important to the overall history of a
word or phrase than the usual etymological desideratum of earliest attested

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