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Wed Jul 18 15:08:05 UTC 2001

   Popularized (perhaps) by SEINFELD, but I first recall it in either (both?) of THE FLINTSTONES and THE HONEYMOONERS.


HISTORIATED--Used in a manuscript museum in Reykjavik.  "Historiated and decorated initials drawn and illuminated..."

ABANDONATED--Used by my tour guide, who's not sure if it's a word.

MANY MICKLES MAKE A MUTTLE--Seen in my ICELANDIC TRAVELLER book from the 1800s.  I haven't researched the phrase yet.

LANGSPIL--Icelandic musical instrument from at least the early 1800s.  OED?

ICELANDIC "HOWARD STERN"--My driver refers to everyone in Icelandic as part of his family, as in "He's my great-great uncle."  He gave me the e-mail and phone number of the Icelandic "Howard Stern" who wrote that slang book I recently posted here.  I'm trying to invite him for dinner.  If you're coming to Iceland or are interested in his books, it's Sverri Stormsker, tel. 562-3992, stomsker at
(My guide wrote stomsker, not stormsker--ed.)

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