Air Force Language (1962); Medical Slang (1994)

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   Gerald Cohen inter-library loaned these two items from my "wish list."  Let's have a look.

by Anthony Austin
MA thesis
University of Florida
59 pages
June 1962

   The Glossary ia on pages 40-57.  "This glossary contains approximately four hundred terms, some of which are not restricted in use to the Navy Air Force, but which are germane to an understanding of parts of the paper and of the psychology of Navy personnel."
   Some interesting terms, checked against the RHHDAS A-G:

Pg. 39:
_airedale_--Any man or officer in the Navy Air Force. (RHHDAS 1942)
_asshole bandit_--A hospital corpsman. (RHHDAS 1970, not even this use)
Pg. 40:
_BAM_--A broad-assed marine, a woman marine. (RHHDAS 1948)
_banjo_--The F2H Banshee. (RHHDAS 1986, but reference to 1950s)
_belly robber_--A cook. (RHHDAS 1914)
Pg. 41:
_bird farm_--An aircraft carrier.  (RHHDAS 1942)
_black shoe_--Having to do with the nonflying Navy.  (RHHDAS 1950)
_brown bagger_--A married man. (RHHDAS 1947)
Pg. 42:
_brown shoe_--Having to do with the Navy Air Force.  (RHHDAS 1952)
_brownie clicker_--A photographer.  (Not in RHHDAS)
_bubblehead_--A submarine sailor.  (RHHDAS 1952)
_Bucket Bitchers_--The men who worked on Allison engines.  (Not in RHHDAS)
_bust your ass_--To crash.  (RHHDAS 1945)
_buy it_--To crash; a short form of _buy the farm_. (RHHDAS 1954)
Pg. 43:
_charlie time_--The time on deck for an airplane in the air. (Not in RHHDAS)
_cherry picker_--A moveable crane, usually at a landing field. (RHHDAS 1945)
_chicks_--Friednly fighters. (RHHDAS 1951)
Pg. 44:
_chopper_--A helicopter.  (RHHDAS 1951)
_collision mats_--Pancakes. (RHHDAS 1926)
_cracker cruncher_--A child. (Not in RHHDAS)
Pg. 45:
_deep six_--1. The sea. 2. To throw something overboard. (RHHDAS 1919, 1949)
_dick tracy_--A radio helmet worn for short range communication between personnel on the flight deck.  (Not in RHHDAS)
_dirty up_--To drop the landing gear of an aircraft preparatory to landing. (RHHDAS 1989)
Pg. 46:
_dixie cup_--A sailor's white hat.  (RHHDAS 1973)
_eggbeater_--A helicopter. (RHHDAS 1936)
_feather merchant_--A yeoman.  (RHHDAS 1939)
_FIGMO_--Fuck it, I got my orders. (RHHDAS 1962)
Pg. 47:
_FUBAR_--Fucked up beyond all repair.  (RHHDAS 1944)
_FUBIC_--Fuck you, Buddy, I'm clearing.  (Not in RHHDAS, which has FUBIS from 1967)
_gravel grinder_--A foot soldier.  (RHHDAS 1890)
_ground pounder_--A nonflying officer.  (RHHDAS 1942)

by Sally Williams
MA thesis
University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
176 pages

   The adviser was Connie C. Eble.  This work is not mentioned in the RHHDAS.
   Why not?
   Is Connie Eble mad at Jon Lighter for some unknown reason??
   APPENDIX B (pages 125-167) is MEDICAL SLANG AND MILITARY SLANG.  This is a long list, so I'll just pick some interesting ones.

Pg. 133:
_BOHICA_  Bend Over Here It Comes Again (Coombs et al. 990) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 136:
_COP_--Crotchety Old Patient (Coombs, et al. 993) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 141:
_FYBIGMI_--...Fuck You Brother I Got My Internship... (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 143:
_Flooger_  a chunk of mucus coughed forcibly from a patient's tracheostomy opening.  Probably a contraction of _flying_ + _booger_... (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 145:
_Guts and Butts Docs_  Gastroenterologists (Coombs, et al. 990) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
_HOWDY_  Hypertensive, Obese, White, Diabetic, Yahoo (Coombs, et al. 991) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 147:
_Hot dog_  a flamboyant or bizarre patient, usually with psychiatric problems (Scheiner 68)
_Hump N' Thump_  Cardiovascular resuscitation (Coombs, et al. 993) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 150:
_MFC_  "Measure for Coffin" (Pinson 145) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)
Pg. 151:
_Mudd-Fudd_  Academic physician who holds both MD and PhD degrees (Coombs, et al. 990) (Not in RHHDAS, not in CASSELL DOS)

(I could continue for a long time.  UMI probably sells the thesis for a reasonable price.  Buy it!--ed.)

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