Air Force Language (1962); Medical Slang (1994)

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jul 22 07:58:33 UTC 2001

Barry reports:

_cherry picker_--A moveable crane, usually at a landing field.
(RHHDAS 1945)

This is an item that could use further research. I lived among cherry trees:
the sweetest, ripest fruit is basically arrayed on the higher, weaker limbs.
Cherry trees are hard to pick safely, and yes, I injured myself
cherry-picking. It was interesting to watch my grandmother scrub away pieces
of my scalp from the concrete I fell onto/into (I am hard-headed, and it was
a miracle I suffered no sequelae).

Here in Waukon, the 'Brinks truck' is the Brinks family bringing one of
their cherry-pickers around to paint your 3-story house or lop a dangerous
tree. They also reduce whole trees to sawdust with that wonderful
industrial-strength chipper we've all wondered about.

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