Air Force Language (1962); Medical Slang (1994)

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> >Pg. 133:
> >_BOHICA_  Bend Over Here It Comes Again (Coombs et al. 990) (Not in

> Most of these are not common or widespread AFAIK. Some of these may be
> restricted to one city or one hospital ... some may even be idiosyncratic
> personal coinages used by only one or two persons. I think I've heard only
> the last one. It's hard to imagine a use for "BOHICA" or "FYBIGMI" and
> these sound like ephemera invented by medical students -- perhaps
> specifically for inclusion in jargon lists.

We certainly used BOHICA in the Army ca. 1990, created word or no. Usually
in response to (or anticipation of) the latest pointless, inscrutable, or
personally inconvenient directive to come down from on high.

An example would be announcing at Friday evening formation that everybody
will be required to report to the arms room Saturday morning to perform
maintenance on their weapons.


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