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Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Fri Jul 27 14:49:46 UTC 2001

    This is a no doubt a very basic question for someone in the know:
Is there a place in California known as "Cafeteria"? In a 1913
baseball article (_S.F. Bulletin_ (May 26, 1913) there is mention "of
a certain ball team variously known as the [Los Angeles] Angels and
the Cafeterias...."

    I didn't have even a clue as to why the Los Angeles Angels (of the
[Pacific Coast League) would also be known as the Cafeterias until I
came across two quotes (_S.F.Bulletin__) which seem to indicate that
Cafeteria is a place in California:
  (1)--June 12, 1913:  "[Venice] manager Hogan must have been duly
impressed with the lacing handed him here last week by the Seals,
judging from reports which have made their way up here in the last
couple of days from Cafeteria, where he is at present engaged in
putting his charge through a series of antics with Harry Wolverton's
solons [i.e., with the Sacramento team, known variously as the
Lawmakers and the Wolves]."

(2) June 20, 1913--"Hap Hogan's Tigers, judging from late reports,
seem to be taking hold of themselves once more and getting around to
last season's form.  Yesterday in a ten-inning battle the Venetians
coaxed the long end of a 9-to-8 score over to their bench, although
had Maggart of the opposition been a little more jealous of second
base after slamming out a two-bagger it is probable that the dove of
victory would have partaken of its evening repast in Cafeteria
instead of in the suburb."

----I do not find "Cafeteria" (California) in my atlas. Would anyone
know if we deal here with a town or perhaps part of a city? Any help
would be much appreciated.

----Gerald Cohen

P.S.  I'm still not sure just why the Angels were called the
Cafeterias but assume it had something to do with a place-name

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