Concierge Care; Disposable Movie

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Sat Jul 28 01:04:47 UTC 2001

   Two from today's Wall Street Journal.


   From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 27 July 2001, pg. B1, col. 1:

_Critics Chafe as More Doctors Offer Only Extra-Fee "Concierge Care"_
   Burned out from seeing one patient after another, Florida physicians Robert Colton and Bernard Kaminetsky recently trimmed their respective practices and began offering what some call "concierge care": patients pay an annual $1,500 retainer and in return, get leisurely consultations, same-day lab tests, no-wait appointments and home delivery of drugs.
   The two physicians, now part of a five-doctor entity called MDVIP, jumped on an accelerating bandwagon.  The concierge-care concept began in the Seattle area in the mid-1990s, and has since spawned similar practices in the San Francisco Bay area, with expansions planned along the Eastern seaboard and Southern California.

(As long as the concierge doesn't call me a Gomer--ed.)


   From HOLLYWOOD JOURNAL ("The Hitless Summer") by Tom King in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 27 July 2001, pg. W4, col. 1:

   In some circles, embarrassed executives have even coined a term for this year's fare: the disposable movie.  "None of them captured the public's imagination nor did they compel people to go out and tell others to see them," says Terry Press, marketing chief at DreamWorks.  (None, she adds, except for "Shrek.")

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