Birdcloth ("Casual Friday" dress)

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 30 07:04:48 UTC 2001

I recall a Red Skelton joke (from his TV show); what follows is a
reconstruction from memory (I think it's a Gertrude and whatshisname joke).

A little bird told me something about you.


>From: "Douglas G. Wilson" <douglas at NB.NET>

>>From the Web:
><<your nickname should be; "BIRDMAN" (cheap, cheap, cheap)>>
> (from Google, not current)
><<You knew he/she sa Singaporean when: 1. He/She behaves like a bird (cheap
>cheap!) when shopping in Johor Bahru.>>
>There are a few more along this line.
>-- Doug Wilson

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