Scotch Shower & Mandi Lulur; Icelandic bibliography

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   From DEPARTURES (the free American Express magazine that believes everybody flies First Class and takes $15,000 cruises, and whose slogan is "LIFE AT ITS BEST"), July/Aug. 2001, pg. 28, col. 1:

JAKARTA...Dharmawangsa also has a spa offering traditional Javanese treatments, such as the _mandi lulur_, a milk-bath scrub.  Afterwards, the attendant will hose you off with an ultra-massaging "Scotch shower."

(Neither is in OED.  If the Scotch shower involves Madonna, I might consider it--ed.)


   There's the word "rima" my ICELANDIC TRAVELLER somewhere, but I forgot the cite.
   The SLANGUR book with the three authors (1982) had this English bibliography:

Ulrich Groenke:  On Standard, Substandard and Slang in Icelandic.  Scandinavian Studies 38, 1966, 217-230.

Ulrich Groenke:  Sletta and Gotumal: On Slangy Borrowings in Icelandic.  The Nordic Languages and Modern Linguistics. 2. Edited by Karl-Hampus Dahlstedt. Sth. 1975, 475-485.

Oscar F. Jones:  Some Icelandic _Gotumal_ Expressions.  Scandinavian Studies 36, 1964, 59-64.

Oscar F. Jones:  Icelandic Neologisms in _-o_.  Word 20:1, 1964, 18-27.

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