name of the quake = Nisqually

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I assume the point is the verb "looks to be"--a variant of the "looking to"
usage we've been talking about recently.  But it's different in that, like
"seems," it reflects speaker/writer perception rather than outward-directed
action by the nominal subject (planning to, intending to).  Neither usage
is common to me (or to Dave, I suspect), but both seem (look) to be
spreading generally today though they may originally have been regionally
restricted.  What do others think?

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>What's the point? The Nisqually River flows through the Nisqually Indian
>Reservation near Olympia.
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>> "They say this latest earthquake, which is being called the Nisqually,
>> for the river delta near its epicenter, looks to be something of a
>> scientific head-scratcher."
>> -- Sat NY Times online
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