name of the quake = Nisqually

A. Maberry maberry at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Sat Mar 3 17:58:28 UTC 2001

The Seattle Times used "Nisqually earthquake" 3/1/01 in the article
"Why such a big quake didn't do more damage" and the next day in "Red or
Yellow: building tag teams decide"
Nisqually quake seems like a natural thing to say since the epicenter
in the Nisqually Delta was known very soon after the shaking stopped but
"earthquake" wasn't capitalized in these two instances, so I didn't take
it as an official name.

Now it seems that "Nisqually Earthquake" has a more official status and
is called such by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. Their homepage

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On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Tom Fenton wrote:

> What's the point? The Nisqually River flows through the Nisqually Indian
> Reservation near Olympia.
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> > "They say this latest earthquake, which is being called the Nisqually,
> > for the river delta near its epicenter, looks to be something of a
> > scientific head-scratcher."
> > -- Sat NY Times online
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