Gooseberry Fool (1659); Poor Knights (1659); Shrewbury Cake (1681)

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    Boy, is this easy.

Printed for Nath. Brooke, at the Angel
in Cornhill, 1659

Pg. 119:
   _To make poor Knights,_  ("French toast"--ed.)

CUT two penny loaves in round slices, dip them in half a pint of Cream, or faire (?--ed.) water, then lay them abroad in a dish, and beat three Eggs and grated Nutmegs and Sugar, beat them with the Cream, then melt some Butter in a Frying-pan, and wet the sides of the Toast and lay them on on the wet side, then poure in the rest upon them, and so fry them, serve them in with Rosewater, Sugar and Butter.

Pg. 27:
   _To make Gooseberry Fool_ (OED has 1719--ed.)

TAKE your Gooseberries, and put them in a Silver or Earthen Pot, and set it in a Skillet of boyling Water, and when they are coddled enough strain them, then make them hot again, when they are scalding hot, beat them very well with a good piece of fresh butter, Rose-water and Sugar, and put in the yolke of two or three Eggs; you may put Rose-water into them and to stir it altogether, and serve it to the Table when it is cold.

Hannah Wolley
Fourth edition, 1681

Pg. 49:
82. To make _Shrewbury Cakes_. (OED 1728. A little hard to read on this poor UMI copy because it was tightly bound--ed.)

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