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Why should the utility of a guidebook to NYC be judged on whether it gets
the etymology of Big Apple correct?


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AMAZON.COM (continued)

   They did it again!
   About two years ago, I reviewed LET'S GO NEW YORK CITY and gave it one
star for completely ignoring my work.  To "balance" the review, Amazon added
an anonymous review that gave the book four stars.  That fake review was
attached to both LET'S GO NYC 1999 and LET'S GO NYC 1998 (then out of
   In 2000, LET'S GO actually e-mailed me back.  I thought my work would be
represented for the 2001 book.  Instead, "the Big Apple" was wrong again!  I
just wrote a one-star (lowest rating) review.
   On the same day, the good staff at Amazon wrote this:

****  great intro to nyc
A reader from san diego

I bought this guide after looking at numerous others (A response to my
statement that other guidebooks have "Big Apple" correct--ed.), and this is
still the one that I like the most.  Maybe it's b/c I'm a college student on
a tight budget, but the Let's Go guides are lifesavers.  I skimmed thru the
Frommer guide before buying this one and that was just too boring for my
taste.  Let's Go tells you the truth (NICE POINT, AMAZON STAFFER!--ed.) and
what you would really find in nyc.  Before your trip, you can use it to map
out your entire schedule if you wanted to, which was great b/c it included
sites that ppl like me would actually want to visit.



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out a Durex condom with a red ribbon:

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  This goes with Greek Salad??

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