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I agree with you on this one.  We're all misrepresented (and ignored!)
sometimes.  I keep telling my colleagues that "needs washed" and "needs
done" are OK, but they just don't listen. . . .

At 12:11 PM 3/5/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Why should the utility of a guidebook to NYC be judged on whether it gets
>the etymology of Big Apple correct?
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>AMAZON.COM (continued)
>    They did it again!
>    About two years ago, I reviewed LET'S GO NEW YORK CITY and gave it one
>star for completely ignoring my work.  To "balance" the review, Amazon added
>an anonymous review that gave the book four stars.  That fake review was
>attached to both LET'S GO NYC 1999 and LET'S GO NYC 1998 (then out of
>    In 2000, LET'S GO actually e-mailed me back.  I thought my work would be
>represented for the 2001 book.  Instead, "the Big Apple" was wrong again!  I
>just wrote a one-star (lowest rating) review.
>    On the same day, the good staff at Amazon wrote this:
>****  great intro to nyc
>A reader from san diego
>I bought this guide after looking at numerous others (A response to my
>statement that other guidebooks have "Big Apple" correct--ed.), and this is
>still the one that I like the most.  Maybe it's b/c I'm a college student on
>a tight budget, but the Let's Go guides are lifesavers.  I skimmed thru the
>Frommer guide before buying this one and that was just too boring for my
>taste.  Let's Go tells you the truth (NICE POINT, AMAZON STAFFER!--ed.) and
>what you would really find in nyc.  Before your trip, you can use it to map
>out your entire schedule if you wanted to, which was great b/c it included
>sites that ppl like me would actually want to visit.
>    I'm typing this at the Columbia University Library.  Someone just handed
>out a Durex condom with a red ribbon:
>You're not too smart for AIDS.
>Neither are your friends...
>Pass on the ribbon.
>   This goes with Greek Salad??

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