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>Subject: CFP: Mother Tongue, Other Tongue?  Law, Learning,
>      and Literature (South Africa) (10/31/01; 4/4/02-4/6/02)
>CFP: MOTHER TONGUE, OTHER TONGUE? law, learning and literature
>(Pretoria, South Africa); 4-6 April 2002
>The English Academy of Southern Africa will be hosting its fourteenth
>international conference from 4-6 April 2002.
>Our aim is to bring together people who use English as a primary
>resource for communication and so for empowerment; and who wish to
>discuss this important topic from  cross-cultural, intergenerational,
>international and interdisciplinary perspectives.
>Today many critics and a number of philosophers openly reject the
>age-old hierarchy of narratives.  Instead there is a global trend in
>favour of a levelling of all texts, be they legal, philosophical,
>literary or pedagogic.  This levelling of narratives, coupled with the
>recognition that - in the post-modern world which we inhabit - a series
>of micro-narratives has replaced the grand narratives of the past,
>encourages scholars to develop ways of assessing how these narrative
>forms of life are intimately involved in our own lives.  Put more
>simply, contemporary thinkers try to evolve a theory of meaning of texts
>and usage that will not be dry, over-rationalized and logical but will
>show how the quest for the meaning of life - the human predicament - is
>a continual interplay between life and the narrative forms of life.
>Papers addressing the topic within the following categories are invited.
>*  Directions in composition and rhetoric
>*  Language, learning and the law
>*  The role of NGN initiatives
>*  Language, popular culture and the Arts
>*  Lessons from literature on Othering in language
>* Post-independence narrative culture
>* Space & Law, Learning , Literature
>* Theories of Language
>*  Mother tongue, Other tongue?
>*  India and English
>*  Language, law and women
>Abstracts of 150 words for papers/workshops/poster displays should reach
>the convener:  Dr Koyana, Departmet of English, University of Pretoria,
>Pretoria, 0002, by 31 October 2001.
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