Shoo Fly Pie (1908)

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--My tummy

   Another citation for DARE to add is THE STANDARD DOMESTIC SCIENCE COOK BOOK (Laird & Lee Publishers, Chicago, 1908), complied and arranged by William H. Lee and Jennie A. Hansey (author of THE CENTURY COOK BOOK), pg. 286:

   _966. SHOO FLY PIE._
   Into a pie tin lined with crust pour mixture of 1 cup of New Orleans molasses and 1 cup of hot water in which 1 teaspoonful (Pg. 287--ed.) of soda has been dissolved.  Sprinkle into the liquor mixture of 1 cup of brown sugar, butter the size of 1 egg, 2 cups of flour and cinnamon or nutmeg to taste.  When soaked in, bake.

(I can't get enough of that wonderful stuff--ed.)

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