Crepes Suzette (1896)

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CREPES SUZETTE (continued)

   From A GOURMET'S GUIDE (1990, 1993) by John Ayto:

   The chef Henri Charpentier made great play with having invented the dish at the Cafe de Paris, Monte Carlo in 1896 for the Prince of Wales, and named it after the young lady who was the prince's companion on that particular occasion, but his claim has been shown to be an imposture.  The first known reference to such crepes in print comes in Auguste Escoffier's _Modern Cookery_ (1907), in which he refers to them by the English name _Suzette pancakes_.

   I've copied the "table des matieres" for the publication POT-AU-FEU (Paris).  I don't have time to go back and read and copy the entry (in French), but it should be available if Grant Barrett wants to stroll in that monstrosity of a French library.

   ANNEE 1896
Entremets, Gateaux, Desserts
Crepes Suzette...103

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