Crepes Suzette (1896)

Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Thu Mar 8 16:59:29 UTC 2001

On jeudi 8 mars 2001 17:13, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:

>   I've copied the "table des matieres" for the publication
>POT-AU-FEU (Paris).  I don't have time to go back and read and
>copy the entry (in French), but it should be available if Grant
>Barrett wants to stroll in that monstrosity of a French

Actually, I may have to go there tomorrow. I'm also spending a lot of time in Centre
Pompidou (that Piano-designed building, you know, the guy for the firm that's going
to do the new Times building). Incredible interior space, but so few books for a

Give me a couple leads and I'll see what I can dig out for you. It'll be a nice
change from "la diaspora séfarade dans l'Europe du nord-ouest."

Grant Barrett
New York loves you back.

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