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Michael Adams MAdams1448 at AOL.COM
Thu Mar 8 18:57:15 UTC 2001

Dear Colleagues:

Because I was teaching in Iceland in January and February, I have been less
attentive than usual to organizing ADS sessions for the MLA convention.
Allan Metcalf has put a call for papers on the ADS website, but I would like
to update that here.

We generally organize two sessions.  This year, MLA members can submit an
abstract on any subject -- the topics are open.  On the other hand, papers on
Louisiana/New Orleans speech would be particularly welcome (if we receive
enough submissions, we could organize a session on that topic); also, I think
that perceptual dialectology would be a great subject for a session -- most
MLA members are unaware of the field, and it would interest them -- but I
realize that most folks who work in the field are ADS/LSA members, and not
MLA members.

Papers from graduate students are welcome, of course.

I have received only one query about the sessions so far, not even an
abstract.  All of this must be arranged early in April, but feel free to send
an abstract (or advise others to send one) to me at MAdams1448 at aol.com
through March 21.

With all best wishes,

Michael Adams

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