White Milk.

Herb Stahlke hstahlke at GW.BSU.EDU
Sun Mar 11 18:10:02 UTC 2001

I checked this usage with my wife, who grew up about 40 miles
south of me in Perrysburg, OH.  She recalls two uses, white milk
as the standard variety that the milkman brought, as opposed to
skimmed, buttermilk, etc., and also in contrast to "brown milk",
which was chocolate milk.  She said that in local restaurants when
children ordered milk the waitress would ask, "White or brown?"

Herb Stahlke

<<< douglas at NB.NET  3/11 12:13a >>>
> >Midwestern usage [ for AT LEAST half a century ]
> >for commercial milk without the "home grown"
> >amount of cream -- also distinguished it from
> >buttermilk.

Sounds reasonable -- but I've never heard it myself. When I was
young, say
1960, there were what we called "regular" milk with cream on top,
homogenized milk, buttermilk (which was not used by my family),
milk ... and -- I think -- skim milk (we didn't use this). "White
would have meant "milk which was white", and this is how I would
use it
today: "Kids, do you want chocolate milk or white milk?"

-- Doug Wilson

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