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"-uccia" is a common Italian suffix, especially in the south. Like most such
suffixes, it can be added to almost any noun. It often has a negative, as
well as a diminutive, connotation. So a "festuccia", based on "festa"
(feast, party) could mean a little get together, or a party that turned out
badly, or a commotion perhaps.


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>... if I had to bet it would be on Sicilian Italian rather than
>French.  Just a guess, though.  Here's two other spellings to check ....

One hit is found for "festooch":


-- possibly equated to "conclave".

Looks like "festucci(a)", which might be a 'diminutive' of Italian "festa"
= "party"/"holiday" ... but I don't find this except as a surname.

-- Doug Wilson

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