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Thu Mar 15 23:59:01 UTC 2001

--- Tony Glaser <tonyglaser at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:

> And what about "cache", another word that has
> emerged from relative
> obscurity into wider use with the use of computers
> (look at your
> Netscape or Internet Explorer folder and I'm sure
> you've got one). To
> my mind it is pronounced "cash", but I have heard
> otherwise educated
> people say "cashay", presumably on the theory that
> it is French and
> there's an acute accent which has gone AWOL at the
> end, or "caysh". I
> think the pronunciation with the most cachet has to
> be "cash".
> Tony Glaser

Cache Valley and Cache County, Utah were so named
because 'trappeurs' cached supplies and furs there -
and during my lifetime I've never heard it pronounced
any other way than 'cash' (my father was from Cache

On the other hand, there's an apartment building in my
neighborhood named Villa Franche - almost everyone
accents the final 'e': 'frawn-shay'.

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