CLIK/CLEEK & NATIVE SPEAKER [was "FAG one last time"]

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Fri Mar 16 00:50:22 UTC 2001

In a message dated 03/15/2001 5:07:56 PM Eastern Standard Time,
tonyglaser at MINDSPRING.COM writes:

> And what about "cache", another word that has emerged from relative
>  obscurity into wider use with the use of computers

And ditto for "fiche" (as in "microfiche").  I have heard both "fish" and
"feesh" and cannot determine which is more common.  In fact every computer
installation I have worked at has had "fish" people and "feesh" people; no
installation in my experience has had agreement on the pronunciation.

In 1967 an IBM rep named Mike Hodapp always said "fish" and one day was
presented with a sign reading
featuring the amazing

                  - Jim Landau (who prefers "feesh" for no good reason)

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