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   Greetings from Quepos, Costa Rica.  All this way to see a sloth.
   From NATURALLY COSTA RICA 2000/2001 (Costa Rican National Chamber of Tourism and Costa Rican Tourist Board), pg. 85:

_Adventure Tourism_
_A journey through the treetops_
The canopy tour is an exciting adventure designed to enjoy nature from an aerial perspective
(Pg. 86, col. 2--ed.)
_The history behind the canopy_
   Canadians Darren Rennick and Rick Graham came to Costa Rica in 1992 and spent one year traveling across the country looking for the right location to develop their project.
   The canopy tour at Monteverde allows people to travel from tree to tree and admire exotic birds such as Emerald Toucanets.  It is ideal for bird watchers.  To get to the first platform people have to climb up a huge Matapalo tree.

(No web site for The Original Canopy Tour is given.  Check the usual computer databases--ed.)

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