Clifford, Jen M. jen.clifford at CIS.CENDANT.COM
Mon Mar 19 15:41:32 UTC 2001

Salon has an article today about "Bushonics":

They say:
"Shaw and her son are two of a surprising number of Americans who speak a
form of nonstandard English that linguists have dubbed "Bushonics," in honor
of the dialect's most famous speaker, President George W. Bush. The most
striking features of Bushonics -- tangled syntax, mispronunciations, run-on
sentences, misplaced modifiers and a wanton disregard for subject-verb
agreement -- are generally considered to be "bad" or "ungrammatical" by
linguists and society at large."
I wasn't aware linguists were in the habit of making judgements about the
quality of dialects, but I guess if Salon says so, it must be so - right?


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