Sunshine Syndrome

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(The previous message was meant for Erin McKean and not the list--B.P.)


   There are loads of Americans here in Costa Rica.  There are Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell stores--all of those were absent in underdeveloped Belize.  This place seems like an extension of Miami or Los Angeles.
   So why keep money in the stock market?  Take it all out and get a little B&B place on a Costa Rican beach, right?
   The TICO TIMES ( is full of investment scams, so beware!
   From EXPLORING COSTA RICA 2001 (by the writers of the TICO TIMES), pg. 34, col. 1:

   Victims of this "Sunshine Syndrome"--a term coined by a local Costa Rican attorney who routinely defends defrauded English-speaking investors--are people who end up taking risks with their money here that they would never take back home.  The syndrome leaves the hapless victim penniless and disillusioned with Costa Rica.


   EXPLORING COSTA RICA 2001 mentions "pan bon" (a type of fruitcake heavy on the rum), "gallos" (light snacks of white corn tortillas folded around chicken, picadillo, meat or cheese), "patacones" (plantain rounds that are boiled, mashed, fried and salted), and "chorreada" (a sweet corn pancake topped with _natilla_, heavy sour cream).
   The MUSWANNI (a popular bakery) has some usual stuff:

flauta; palmeritas; costilla; pupuza; pudin; suspiros; cangrejo; pan ojo; pan cebolla; tajada chimenea chocolate; bolita europea; bolita cena; brioch con crema


   You might be familiar with my "Yankee curse."  After I solved "Yankees" and YANKEE MAGAZINE blew me off, I put a curse on the team that they'd never win another World Series.  That was three years ago.
   I requested a dissertation from Stanford and got no response.
   Stanford University is now cursed never to win the NCAA men's basketball championship.

(If that doesn't work, I'll try Duke.)

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