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On mardi 20 mars 2001 04:52, Mark Odegard <markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>The tree-grafting sense does not seem apt to the context. There is a BrE
>sense, that of 'work', thus 'a worker'. I'm not certain what the Telegraph

I think that's it, though who can say for sure.

A long article by Martin Amis on the American porn industry (a great, really, a
great read, though not for the obscenity-sensitive) has this:

"Then it was butts out and back to work. And I do mean work. Porno is a proletarian
form. And porno people are a hard-grafting, ill-paid fraternity who, by and large,
look out for each other and help each other through. They pay their rent, with the
deaths of feelings.",6000,458

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