synonym jokes

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Wed Mar 21 01:26:11 UTC 2001

Are you looking for things like "The greatest cause of automobile accidents
is the nut that holds the wheel"?

While the preceding is clean, words that can refer to certain parts of the
human anatomy, e.g. "nuts", "ass", "balls", are particularly susceptible to
off-color synonym jokes.  Just one example: "ball-bearing mousetrap: a
tomcat".  (This one I am told was invented by a science fiction writer named
George O. Smith for the purpose of sneaking something off-color past a
notoriously puritanical editor named Kay Tarrant (assistant editor for many
years of Astounding Science Fiction (later renamed Analog))).

Somebody put a lengthy concatenation of double-entendres involving the word
"ass" on this list recently (I think I kept a copy, if you can't locate it.)

A man whose name I recall as Kermit Schaefer published a number of
collections of radio and TV "bloopers", which include such things as
"Howard Johnson's is the best place on the turnpike to eat and get gas."

A Canadian politician whose name I failed to note said that if a homosexual
Governor-General were to be appointed, then his partner would be the "Queen's
queen's queen".

                        - Jim Landau

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