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>I think it is not at all transparent. It means something like "The
>use of spellings which create the impression of a "dialect"
>(variation in language) when, in fact, no such variation exists in
>the spoken language." In short, it is "dialect for the eye (not the

I'm pretty sure that when compounds get as loaded as that, they are
hardly transparent, although, it may be that the polysemy of
"dialect" contributes more to the opacity than the compounding.

dInIs (who likes to say 'opacity')

>At 07:54 PM 3/25/2001 -0500, Dennis Preston wrote:
>>>I use 'dialect' very broadly (to cover social and stylistic levels).
>>>I think I'm not alone. For me, thereefore, since 'gonna' reflects an
>>>actual pronunciation difference (however badly), it is not
>Is "eye dialect" a transparent compound? Or is it so only to some
>extent but not fully a transparent one? Does "dialect" in "eye
>dialect" have the same meaning as "dialect" in "English dialects?"
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