Y'all and No?

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Clever!  In fact, I had just looked into my (very old) Moore and Knott to
check on (palatized) 'git' and was reminded of the other dual forms, all of
which disappeared:  gen. incer, dat. inc, and acc. incit,inc.  What fun Old
English was--especially with Paul Hopper as a classmate at good old St.
Louis U.

At 04:05 PM 3/29/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Now we're getting to something worth duelling over.
>As to ye/you, the suggestion that ye has become unstressed y@ makes some
>sense since it would more likely be topic and so unstressed.  The same
>would often happen to you, of course, but you would also remain as the
>focus form, the same thing that's still happening to object pronouns in
>English.  Mencken has some nice observations on this.
> >>> LJT777 at AOL.COM 03/29/01 02:31PM >>>
>I thought it was "git" that was discarded.

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