Y'all and No?

Natalie Maynor maynor at CS.MSSTATE.EDU
Fri Mar 30 12:31:08 UTC 2001

> ======
> Date:         Fri, 20 Oct 1995 13:08:55 -0500
> Bradley Harris of the U of Memphis has written an article on "y'all" as
> a polite singular -- forthcoming in _American Speech_, I think.  I haven't
> seen a copy of it yet, but he's supposed to be sending me its final version
> within the next few weeks.

But he never sent it to me.  And I don't think it was ever in AS, was it?
Bradley Harris was one of Guy Bailey's grad students at the U of Memphis.
I'm not sure whatever became of him (Bradley, not Guy).
   --Natalie Maynor (maynor at ra.msstate.edu)

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