Amerika, Kalifornia, Klinton

Joseph McCollum prez234 at JUNO.COM
Sat Mar 31 13:38:59 UTC 2001

Doesn't anyone remember the TV miniseries "Amerika?"  (starring Kris
Kristofferson and Mariel Hemingway).  It was televised in the mid-1980's
-- it was about the Soviet Union taking over America -- Even as I
conservative, I would have to say it wasn't that good, but I would have
thought that liberals would remember it -- its telecast was protested
mightily in many cities throughout the USA.

In Pittsburgh, one night "Amerika" ran against D.W. Griffith's  "Birth of
a Nation" on WQEX-16.  I do not believe that the telecast of the latter
was protested at all.

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