Culinary Echoes From Dixie (1914, 1917)

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by Kate Brew Vaughn
McDonald Press, Cincinnati
Copyright 1914
Copyright 1917

   This seems more like a cookbook of the period than a "Dixie" cookbook.  It's interesting for its "Cuban Sandwiches" (I expect Clementine Paddleford to ring in on this soon in my NYHT reading) and its various fudge recipes.

Pg. 15:
   _Genuine Yankee Clam Chowder_
(No tomatoes?--ed.)

Pg. 45:
   _Swiss Steak_

Pg. 52:
   _Tripe, Mexican Style_

Pg. 55:
   _Chicken a la Stanley_

Pg. 60:
   _Chicken a la King_

Pg. 80:
   _Roquefort Cheese Salad_

Pg. 84:
   _Mexican Tomato Salad_

Pg. 87:
   _Mexican Salad_

Pg. 89:
   _Thousand Island Salad Dressing_

Pg. 106:
   _Doughnuts Made with Potatoes_

Pg. 132:
   _Muffins (English)_

Pg. 136:
   _Egg Rolls_
(With Irish potatoes!--ed.)

Pg. 154:
   _Fresno Raisin Cookies_

Pg. 158:
   _Jim Crows_

Pg. 163:
   _German Fried Potatoes_

Pg. 181:
   _Vera Cruz Club Sandwiches_

Pg. 185:
   _Cuban Sandwiches_
   This sandwich may be described as a club sandwich with cheese.  It is usually made large so that it is necessary to eat with a knife or fork.  It may be made in such porportions as to supply a large amount of nourishment.
   Cut the crusts from the slices of bread.  Between two slices lay first lettuce with a little salad dressing or salt on it, then a slice of soft, mild cheese and finally thin slices of dill pickles or a little chopped pickle.

Pg. 200:

Pg. 203:
   _Mikado Cake (Japanese Fruit Cake)_

Pg. 205:
   _Apple Sauce Cake_

Pg. 208:
   _Food for the Gods_

Pg. 230:
   _Toasted Marshmallows_
(There is vanilla in the recipes, not chocolate--ed.)

Pg. 245:
   _Tomato Cocktail_

Pg. 263:
   _Fig Fudge_

Pg. 264:
   _Marshmallow Fudge_

Pg. 267:
   _Buttermilk Fudge_
   _Raisin Fudge_

Pg. 268:
   _Divinity Fudge_
   _Peanut Butter Fudge_

Pg. 270:
   _Chocolate Popcorn_

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