Windy City, Hot Dog update

Michael Quinion editor at WORLDWIDEWORDS.ORG
Fri Nov 2 10:12:13 UTC 2001

> HOT DOG--It's correct in the 11-1-01 EXPRESS (London) today,
> available on the Dow Jones database.  My work is given, care of
> World Wide Words.  My name, of course, is nowhere to be found.

The Daily Express is - sadly - not the newspaper it once was,
and such courtesies are so often a low priority when writing a
piece to a set length and deadline. However, it is a pity that
correct attribution wasn't made, since it is prominent in the
World Wide Words piece (see <
hot1.htm>). I've only just seen your message (I'm on digest) and
the Express site doesn't have an archive. If you will forward me
a copy of the piece, I'll bend the ear of the journalist
concerned, but don't expect a useful outcome ...

Michael Quinion
Editor, World Wide Words
<editor at>

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