Windy City, Hot Dog update

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 1 22:34:28 UTC 2001

HOT DOG--It's correct in the 11-1-01 EXPRESS (London) today, available on the Dow Jones database.  My work is given, care of World Wide Words.  My name, of course, is nowhere to be found.

WINDY CITY--This is correct, too!  But is it in a Chicago publication?  No!!  It's in the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER, 10-26-01, also available on the Dow Jones database.  The story is by Fran Henry (fhenry at  The Chicago Historical Society (you know, the organization that said this couldn't possibly be written up in their CHICAGO HISTORY magazine) is quoted and again gets it wrong, but the spokesperson remains nameless.  My information (1886 "Windy City," although I also have 1885) is care of the Straight Dope by Cecil Adams.  My name, of course, is not here, either.

PERSONAL:  I'll be at the Andrew Smith "turkey" lecture before the NY Culinary Historians next Thursday, Nov. 8th.  Then I will be in the Galapagos, Ecuador & up the Amazon from November 11-26.  The next trip is Cuba on December 25th.

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