Halloween pronunciation

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Mon Nov 5 18:12:33 UTC 2001

Mark A. Mandelwrites:

>Ed Keer <edkeer at YAHOO.COM> writes:
>I've always pronounced it Holloween--with a long _a_.
>Since grade school in the fifties I've always used the name "long _a_" for
>/ei/ as in "cake": "The long vowels say their own names." Is "long _a_"
>becoming common for the vowel of "f<a>ther"?
>For that matter, what do others call that vowel? I use the names
>     long A    cake
>     short A   cat
>     broad A   father
So do I.
I am curious about the Halloween pronunciation.  Do those who say Holloween
also say "hollowed be thy name"?   (If, of course, they have occasion to
say it at all!)
A. Murie

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